Christmas Pillowcase Stitching Finished


The embroidery was really fast and easy to complete. I had the jumbo rickrack in my stash along with the red polka dot accent strip and the red print for the body of the pillowcase. This afternoon I plan on tracing the other pillowcase design out and having it ready for evening handiwork. Will post more photos as


I assemble the pillowcase.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Pillowcase Stitching Finished

  1. Hi it’s me again did you give any consideration to my question above, would you sell me the pattern if you have completed your project?

    • Hi Eva,
      I still need to do another pillowcase from the pattern. I did check and it does cost 12.99 to send a catalog envelope to Canada. Will keep your info for later. If you don’t find the pattern up your way drop me a note again.. Jo

      • Jo

        Shipping from Bird Brain Designs for me is $3.30, that is why I am so astonished that they want to charge 13.50. You said 12.99, I assume the other 51 cents could be taxes. Could you tell me how many pages are in this pattern? I really don’t know where else to get the pattern, as I have googled and done ebay to no avail. Many thanks for your reply, If I do not have any success I will drop you a note later in the year. It is so cute, looks so good with your red quilt. I am also a follower of your blog.


      • Hi Eva, It is 3 pages. I guess if I folded the pattern and used a business envelope it would be less. Give me your address and I will check with post office. I will try to finish the 2nd pillowcase this month an then I will sell the pattern. Jo Sent from my ASUS Pad

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