Redwork Project 2013

Today I was itching to do some good old embroidery so I pulled out these gorgeous patterns of snowmen designed by Curtis Boehringer.  I had previously stitched his Old World Santas in redwork and just love the whimsy in his designs.  I’ve only completed January and started on February but I feel the need to get going on these again.  I know that you can order the pattern from Colonial Crafts.  If you area snowman lover and like to do redwork, then these are a must-do.


February Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart, Curtis Boehringer.






Old World Santas,Cudtis Boehringer


Old World Santas, Curtis Boehringef

Old World Santas won me a Best Needlework ribbon at Vermont Quilt Festival. Quite  a thrill.  The embroidery work was a two year project, but I loved working on each different pattern.  Thanks again Curtis for the wonderful designs!!


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