Progress Report

So two days ago I had high expectations to get a lot of fabric cut for my basket quilt and the strips and squares I had been cutting.  Sadly I have only been able to cut out 10 more baskets.  On the plus side I did trace March and April snowmen blocks and tonight I will work on March. 


On the plus side of things I was able to take 8 more boxes of glassware and pottery/china to the auction house for them to sell.  Last batch did pretty good so off this stuff went.  It will be that much less to move when we get ready to go.
On the negative side our car overheated today on Route 55.  Today is a old, wet and dreary day,so it figures it would happen today.  But we are safe and sound and home and the car is at the mechanic to be evaluated.  What a day.  Perfect for the pot chicken soup that is simmering and a nice glass of wine, maybe two.


One thought on “Progress Report

  1. I love your redwork snowmen. Maybe I’ll make that a project to do. When/where are you moving? North or South??? Haven’t talked to you in a long time. Never enough time to do all the things I want to do or see all the people I want to see. Love your posts though. Take care. R.

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