Peacock’s Feathers

Yesterday I was able to do some more work on the tail feathers of the peacock.  On the mid tail I used Dazzle thread in green and did a Van Dyke stitch down the middle and a running stitch on the outside.  The next part  was a chain stitch in copper colored Dazzle ,green Trezibond French knots with the center purple velvet section having a feather stitch and running stitch in yellow perle cotton.   The outer edge of the entire mid tail was outlined with a purple  chain stitch.  In from that is a whipped running stitch in purple perle cotton and


raspberry colored Dazzle.


The bottom section of the tail is outlined in a dark peach perle cotton chain stitch.  The teardrop shapes are connected with a beaded fuzzy trim couched down onto to wool.  Inside the green teardrop I began stitching a fly stitch in dark pink Dazzle.  Work on the balance of this tail section will continue later today.



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