Work on Peacock Completed

Last night I was able to finish the last portion of the peacock’s tail feathers.  The teadrop applique pieces received multiple stitches in a variety of threads.  Mynewest thread, Dazzle, really makes the piece sparkle.  I think the only other detail I will add to the bottom tail featerzection are some black seed beads on the very edge. 





After looking at my thread color choices the piece almost has a Mexican feel to it.  Maybe This bird took a drip down south.
While I  was working with my various threads, I keep getting a jumbled mess when unwrapping the various skeins of perle cotton.  Here is nothing worse than have your thread tied up in a knot, well at least for me.  To solve this problem I went over to Hobby Lobby and found some precut wooden stick figures that had a popsicle like portion.  I cut a notch in each to hold the thread edge and began winding my unruly threads.  The best part of the stick is that I am able to write the thread type, color and SKU for future reference.  Problem solved.  Here’s a picture of my thread wraps.


The bag with the jumbled mess of thread was how these were stored before. 
Today, I will work on the flowers, leaves and tree.


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