Dinner Tonight

Tonight’s dinner had fresh greens from the garden to complement the marinated pork chops that were cooked on the grill.  The chops were marinated in my own special recipe marinade that included fresh herbs from the garden along with fresh lemon zest and juice and some hot pepper flakes for a little heat.  The sides were fresh baby kale sauteed in olive oil,red pepper and red onion.  There was a fresh baby spinach salad and for me, bib lettuce.  As an additional side we grilled sliced yellow squash that was coated with garlic butter.  We had a glass of Malbec wine by Cupcake Vineyards,one of my favorites when we don’t have any of our own homemade red wine.  Dessert are these luscious strawberries with chocolate whipped cream.  YUMMO. 


Grilled pork chops and yellowsquash


Baby spinach salad


Bib lettuce salad


Sauteed baby kale with red pepper and onions


Strawberries for dessert


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