Extreme Tree Removal

Last year our area suffered major wind damage from a derecchio. Our area was hit hard with downed trees and loss of power.  Looking round our property we saw future potential problems with some pine trees that line the side property.  One tree in particular was leaning towards our house, specifically the sun porch.  Today the tree service was finally able to drive onto the lawn without sinking up to their axles and are removing the threat to the house.  No more holding our breath each time we get a bad storm.  The trees being taken down are in excess of 50 feet tall.  The leaner could have caused major damage to the house. So happy that it is gone.





One thought on “Extreme Tree Removal

  1. Now you know your sunroom will be safe made me nervous. when they cut my trees down last year What a mess and so loud made my Kitty so upset

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