Top 5 South Jersey Wines for 2013

Great post. I loved Blood, Sweat & Tears too. Great wine at an excellent price!

South Jersey Uncorked

Not only was 2013 a successful year for actors, musicians, and politics, it was also successful year for the wine growers of South Jersey. With the South Jersey wine country continually expanding to meet the demands of the growing industry, there have been many accomplishments for wineries along the way.

Wine from South Jersey is considered in a league with California wine and European wine alike, putting New Jersey on the map for a unique quality. New Jersey currently has 38 wineries, with the majority of those located in the South Jersey Region. Every winery is unique in its own way and specializes in a specific type of wine. Along with getting to know the different varieties of wine in South Jersey, you also get to know the people who own and operate these vineyards everyday, and the stories of how their wineries came to be.

In celebration of a…

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