Catching Up

Sorry there have been no posts lately but I was getting ready for our guild’s quilt show this past weekend.  It was held at Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center in Millville, NJ.   Even though we are all tired from all the work, the quilts that were displayed were phenomenal.  It seemed that this year everyone chose to go bright and cheery.  I will post photos of the quilts over several days as I have to transfer them to my tablet to be able to post

This year I was chosen as featured quilt artist.  A tremendous honor as our guild has wonderfully talented ladies.  Of my this year’s entries I won 3 blue ribbons, 1 green and one yellow.  Below are the photos.  Tomorrow I will post Best of Show and other quilts I found interesting.


Quilting With Friends


Jacobean Peacock aka Petey and miniature Bill & Sue Visit Baltimore


Spargo-esque aka Felicity

This is a start of the photos.  More to follow.


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