A Cottage Garden

This project was well overdue and yesterday was the day I decided to change that.  This huge flower bed (30′ x  30′) needed major overhauling.  Yesterday we dug all the lilies and other assorted perennials up and set them aside.  Then a major tilling was done, racked out and left overnight.  We were tired.



This morning we set the balance of the edging, added two walkways; one across to the workshop, the other to the birdbath.  Then a quick trip to the nursery for a few additional flowers and then the planting began.  The outer edge has daylilies.  Then I planted Asiatic lilies, peonies, 3 kinds of phlox, black-eyed susans, pink coneflowers,  shasta daisy, delphinium, hollyhock, jacobs ladder(I think that’s what it is called), red bee balm, German iris in orange and yellow bearded irises and reset the bird bath.  A ton of my favorite flowers.  Just need to get my mulch delivered, spread it, water and wait for it all to bloom.




Major landscaping project done!


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