Day Trip

Yesterday we got a really early start on our trip up to Mercer Lake to watch the tryouts for the National Rowing team.  We left here at 6 am and were at the lake before 7:30.  The water at the finish line where we stood was dead calm.


Here’s a few more pixs of some of the races.  I didn’t zoom in close enough.  Hard to see when trying to do this outside with the phone. 



The girls’ races were really close and almost photo finishes for the top 3 spots.  Very exciting!
Next we were off to a late breakfast at our favorite stop to eat when up in the Trenton area, Mastoris’.  They make the best omelets.  I had the Florentine omelet.  It was loaded with fresh spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  Yummy.
Then no trip is complete without a visit to Pennington Quilt Works.  Added a variety to my stash for the different projects on the drawing board.  Always a pleasant stop.




Always have to add to the red and green stash.


2 thoughts on “Day Trip

  1. Sounds like a great day….finishing the las flannel top for the gkids and then some quilting. Really anxious to move on to some new projects.

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