Flowers Enjoying the Warmth

I went outside this morning and took some photos of the flowers in different pots and hanging baskets.
I am just in love with this orange wave petunia.  I added some purple lobelia and rusty colored million bells.  But it is truly the orange petunia I love in this hanging basket.


The next pot is my patriotic mix; red and white wave petunias, blue lobelia and white angelonia.  Just in time for Memorial Day.


My white and yellow million bells in their bird bath.


This red million bell hanging basket for the hummingbirds.  The throats of the flowers are lime green.


The dark blue delphinium is starting to sprout more and blossom.


I tried a mix of corals, rusts, greens and yellow in this pot.  The coleus’ leaves are huge and so pretty.


A few weeks ago while at the nursery I picked this plant up.  It’s call rumex, Raspberry Dressing.  You add the leaves to your garden salad.  The variegated leaves are interesting.


And finally, my cotton plant. It now resides out by the herbs and its growing ever so slowly.


More photos when the peony bed starts to bloom.


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