March’s Block for Jacobean Bouquet©

Finally caught up on house cleaning, hubbie ran the vacuum for me.  He did a great job; even moved the furniture to get under and around.  All paper work caught up for the BOM, so this morning I was able to get the pieces cut out and pinned for March’s block.  Love my red lily (I have these beauties in my perennial beds).  Some of the beads are picked out; will see if I need others as I go along. 



Some small berries and fern leaves but I like how it’s turning out.


4 thoughts on “March’s Block for Jacobean Bouquet©

      • Thank you for the reply 🙂
        I’ve only tried applique a couple of times and as with most of my sewing attempts it looked like a toddler had done it lol so I wondered if there was a secret to getting it looking so beautifully neat.

  1. Comes from lots of practice. I’ve been sewing a long time. If you work with wool, start a project with larger pieces. I like to use as thin a needle as possible (one with an eye big enough to thread the perle cotton or wool thread I use for whip stitching the pieces in place). Take smaller stitches when whip stitching your pieces onto your background fabric. When I whip stitch I use punch needle yarn most of the time. It works great and melts into the wool.then i do my decorative stitching. And last, take your time. No race to finish. Speed comes from doing it frequently. Practice does make perfect. Hope this helps.

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