Sunday Morning Contemplation

It’s a dreary, gray, damp day here as I am sipping my morning cuppa joe and looking out the family room window.  My thoughts are racing from one project idea to another. Since my Jacobean Bouquet blocks are already sketched out and they only require color choice, stitching and the directions to be typed; my brain is already formulating my next quilt design.  Have already been gathering bits and pieces of ideas for the different blocks I really  need to start jotting them down so I don’t forget.  For instance, for this new pattern, we were driving up to Princeton to see the Christmas Carol and as we were cruising along on the interstate, a great title for my new design popped into my head.  Did I jot it down so I wouldn’t forget? Noooo.  Now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember.  So from now on I am keeping a small notepad in my bag and will write or sketch any of those great inspirations or ideas you always seem to get when doing something.  I know the name will come back to me when I formally start working on the new pattern but it is so frustrating that it can fly out my head as fast as it came in.
So as a dreary day buster, I am heading to my studio and pulling out all my bright and lovely colored wools for May’s block.  I think it will have some bright pinks, yellows, blues and oranges to brighten up my day.  Here’s my rough sketch;  I’ll post some pictures after I chose my color palette.


Maybe I’ll take some color inspiration from the “almost finished with the hand quilting” quilt sitting underneath my sketch.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Contemplation

  1. I so enjoy your talents. I hope to keep some of your doings available for when I find time to do some appliqué too. Will you ever make these into kits or even patterns?? Keep up your good work please. Thank you

  2. Thanks Patricia. These are going out as a BOM, now as a pattern only as the kits have sold out. At the end I will put this together in a full, 12 month pattern, maybe as a self-published booklet. Thanks so much. These are so much fun to work on as wool is very forgiving and you can add as much embellishment as you like. Jo

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