Enjoying My Day

Yesterday was my day and I got to do what I enjoy most, play with my wool applique, shop for more goodies for my creations (especially wool) and eat good food and drink some wine.
The day began with me working on Block 6 of Jacobean Bouquet.  I was finally able to get the flow of colors just right.  Love the bright ‘pop’ of hot coral on the grape colored petals.


And this is how it looks as I get ready to start stitching down my applique pieces.


What I love about wool applique is that it is extremely forgiving.  It allows you to play with the pieces and not worry too much about the wool fraying which isn’t the case when working needle turn and cottons.

We went out and about and did a little shopping.  I just had to stop at a thrift shop and see what wool goodie I could find.  And that I did.  A gorgeous red wool blazer.  A perfect shade of red that will show up in July’s and December’s blocks.  Will post a picture after it has been felted.

And then there’s eating.  Had a phenomenal dinner of crab Florentine over angel hair pasta, huge salad, big glass of red wine and for dessert (yes, saved room for that too), fresh blueberries with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  Yummo.  Sorry no photos but it was really delicious and a lot of food.
A perfect ending to the day.

To all of you who sent me birthday wishes, thank you.  It was a wonderful day.


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