Today’s Little Woolie Projects

This morning I headed down to my quilting room to work on my newest design, Spring Posey.  Unfortunately, my brain had other plans.  I ended up pulling out some heavy craft felt and cutting a strip, 2 circles and some little flowers, leaves and heart for the top.  Some stitching later a new pincushion.


Second trip into my quilt room I cut my felt strips, circles and leaves for my second Spring Posey.  This one’s colors remind me of my mom’s asters that grew in her flower garden when I was growing up.  Feeling nostalgic.  The pattern for both these “woolie” projects will be available by the weekend.


Spring has sprung inside. Not so much outdoors.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Little Woolie Projects

  1. For sure you are not feeling spring, button sure where you live. I see snow outside in your photo though. Good job. Patricia >

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