Spring Buggy Ride

Still learning all the different things on my new laptop.  The biggest change is that it has Windows 8.1 which is so different from Windows 7.  All in all, I am slowly getting around all my favorite sites with it.

Yesterday afternoon I was able to type up the pattern for Spring Buggy Ride.  Yay.  It took a little bit to figure out how to do the split page for the cover but I finally got it.  So today I will print it out and it will be ready to be mailed out.

Here’s a picture of the finished pillow.  The border homespun has a deep plum color running through the plaid.  I choose the same plum color on the back.  Springy but no pastel.20150209_134911

Hopefully later today I can start working on my next design for spring.


2 thoughts on “Spring Buggy Ride

  1. Hi Jo love the bunny pattern. Are you selling as a kit or just the pattern. Let me know and how much. Thanks, knew I’d be back lol, Rosalie

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    • Hi Rosalie:
      I can do pattern only or kit. Pattern only is $10 plus postage ($1) or kit $22.00 plus $3 postage. The kit would have the same background. The outer border and backing would be different as I am using up all my homespun remnants. I have so many pretty ones but only enough for one project. If that’s okay. Let me know. I am so excited about the NJ quilt show. I can hardly wait! You can email me at jotimko58@gmail.com or jotimko@outlook.com
      Thanks so much.

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