Today’s Projects

Today I have a laundry list of things I would like to accomplish.  First off I am pulling all the wools and cottons so that I can cut kits for Tending the Blooms.  There will be a limited number of these kits available.  The kits should be available on my website, by Sunday.

Tending the blooms kit photo.2015

The next part of the day will be spent pulling wools and drawing out my templates for August’s block of Jacobean Bouquet.  I need to finish this top and I am so close.  I am anxious to work on the border design for this quilt.  What I have in mind should be a whimsical design to go with the Jacobean feel of the floral blocks.

And if I have enough hours left in my day I need to sit and finalize my responses  for my guest visit on Jenny of Elefantz’ blog in late April.  Jenny is the most amazing designer.  Here embroidery work and beautiful designs are a delight to the eyes.  Her website is  Take a peek at her work; it is just delightful.

Somewhere in between all of this I need to eat, do a bit of laundry and have a cup or two of coffee.  Let’s see how this day shakes out.

What are your plans for this Saturday?


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