Jacobean Bouquet September’s Block

Last night I finished stitching down all the applique pieces for this block.  This morning I started to sew the decorative stitches.  I did a cross stitch on the center of the pomegranate in a dark currant #5 perle and a back stitch around the outer edge of the body in a hand-dyed golden tan.  The tiny daisy like flowers on the stem are getting 5 pistil stitches from the center outward in the dark currant perle.  A bit of a way to go but I like it so far.


On the top of the left side flower, I used hand-dyed variegated silk ribbon in a lazy daisy stitch.  More stitching needed on this flower; just trying to decide what stitches and which color perle to use.  More work on this later.

Also started to whip stitch the pieces down on Princess Sharon’s Autumn Feathers.  Lots of work left to do on this piece.


After this is all finished I plan to add a tan button where all the leaves and petals join at the stem.  Need to get working on my HST for my border this one too.  Will need over 100 two inch HST on my planned border.   More photos as my work progresses.


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