Whip Stitch on Wool Applique

Had a question on attaching the wool pieces to background.  Here’s a close up of my whip stitching.


I use punch needle thread and a #24 Chenille needle to do the stitch.  Hope this helps.
This is the back of the piece.


Used a very thin fusible interfacing to stabilize the Japanese woven.


4 thoughts on “Whip Stitch on Wool Applique

  1. Your stitching  is beautiful. Very tiny. I need to practice. Do you use that stitch on all your wool?

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    • I do this for 99% percent of my wool applique. I seldom fuse my pieces because it makes it difficult to needle through when I do my decorative stitches. Once in a while iI will use a blanket stitch on a piece but not very often. I consider my style as stylized folk art. Your stitches will get smaller the more you do. I have done some form of hand needle work for almost 50 years. My mom taught me embroidery when I was around 7 or 8. Seems like yesterday.

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