Getting There

Last night while watching tv I was able to finally finish stitching down all the applique.  Whew.  This one seemed to take a long time. So this morning I pressed it from the backside on a soft, fluffy towel and then I marked the top at the finish size of 24″  with a blue washout marker.  Double checked my squareness by measuring diagonally corner to corner.  Both the same and then cut a 1/4″ outside my marked line.  Cutting the oversized block always  puts me on edge.  If you make an “oops” at this point, there is no going back. 


Cut my 2-1/2″ strips for my inner border from a drab olive green Diamond Textile woven and sewed them on.  Really like the colors so far.


Chose a tiny tan/red cotton civil war print along with another Diamond Textile woven in barn red for the HST.  They are pinned and ready to stitch later.  Need to go back outside and do a little more yard work. 


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