So Many New Projects

I haven’t been able to figure out how anyone can be bored when they retire.  I seem to have a gazillion different things to keep me busy.  There’s our vegetable garden.  Just picked my first pepper and we’ve been enjoying lettuce, spinach and kale for weeks.   Then there’s my flower garden and potted baskets and pots that need daily watering.  And of course mowing the lawn gets its fair share of my time as does laundry and housework.
In between all of these chores I take time to work on my quilting.  There’s 2 quilts I have prepped and work on a little each day.  One is a 2 color HST quilt and the other is a cream colored hexagon quilt.   Here’s a picture of what I’ve stitched together on the hexie quilt.


I have a hat box full of prepped hexies waiting to be stitched together.
Then there’s a new wool BOM that I am doing.  The quilt is called At Home in The Garden by Norma Whaley.  I just finished the first block and just love it.  Must be the red.


Another new project is one of my newest designs.  I just prepped the center for tonight’s stitching.  There’s a few pieces that need to go into the sleigh runners but I’ll add them at the end of a stitching.  There will be a couple of borders added with additional applique.  Love the red ticking as the background.


And then next week the contractors are supposed to start work on the house.  New roof, siding and windows.  Ought to be complete chaos around here.  Hopefully for them the we rather will cool down a bit.  It’s really hot and humid today; 98 on the thermometer.   Yuck.
And then I have 3 last blocks to finish up in my BOM, Jacobean Bouquet.  I have enjoyed designing and stitching this quilt so much. 
Hope everyone else is happily stitching away on one of their projects.


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