Helping A Fellow Quilter

I recently responded with a donation of some of my newer patterns to help a fellow quilter who was in a horrific car accident.   Additional medical  treatment for complications from accident gave made her medical bills continue to accumulate.   This fellow quilter’s  name is Tara Lynn Baisden Darr.   As a member of the quilting family I have seen the generosity that flows freely from you.  Please, if you are able to donate any amount go to this site which has been set up for Tara.
Additionally, the Wool Appliqué, Country, Cozy Homespun Quilts and Primitive Quilter’s Gathering Facebook groups have been setting up auctions for you to bid on.  All monies go directly to Tara.  My donation is pictured below.


Starting bid is $15.00.
Go to any of these Facebook groups to make a donation.  Look under the “pinned post”.


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