Spring Cleaning in July and Guilt-Free Quilting

We finally had the contractors finish the work on the house: a new roof, new siding, new windows, new gutters.  It all looks great. So  now that they have shaken all the dirt out from everywhere when working on the roof and windows, I finally was able to get the house cleaned.  The windows, curtains, floors, walls have been washed and cleaned.  The hardwood floors squeak when you walk across them.  Love that sound, squeaky clean.  All this took 2 full days of work but so worth it.  Had a day break between and then mowed the lawn.  With all the rain, it has stayed green all summer.  Makes for a nice view out the front window.


Now, I can get back to my quilt projects with no guilt.  Hoping to finish the red log cabin and embroidery block wall hanging this coming week and the last three blocks of Jacobean Bouquet BOM.  These are all drawn out so it’s just picking out the wools and cutting them out for stitching.  These will be fun as the blocks will have fall and winter colors for October, November and December.  Will post more as I progress through the blocks.
I even found my very first quilt top I made in 2003 in the closet.  It had some quilting on it but I took them out.  Decided to do big stitch quilting on it.    Got a couple of sections finished last night and I really like the way it looks with the bigger quilting stitches.


Here’s the back.


I will add hearts to each of the four triangles after I finish the overall quilting.  The large block between each pieced block will get quilting to mimic the triangles and a heart in each triangle.


I have a cable design to go in the outer border.  Lots to do and with it being so hot outside, it gives me a good reason to stay inside and quilt.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in July and Guilt-Free Quilting

  1. Congratulations on finishing the renovations and the cleaning….I AM ENVIOUS! Isn’t it great to find an old project that suddenly becomes “new” again?

    • So happy with all the work that was done. Looks like a new house. And the cleaning was so overdue. I love when the hardwood floors squeak when you walk across them. They’re “squeaky clean”. Lol

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