Day Trip

Since today was going to be such a nice fall day we decided to take a road trip up north.  First stop is always breakfast at Mastori’s.   Always a delicious breakfast.  Next stop was Mercer Lake to watch some rowing on the lake.  Women’s trials for the national team.



Shame most of the fall foliage was gone already.  Would have been really beautiful near the water. 
Next stop was a quilt shop, Pennington Quilt Works.   So much new and beautiful fabric since my last visit.   Hard to just get what I needed and leave the rest.  Lighting not good now so I will post a photo of my purchase tomorrow.
Final stop was Princeton University.  We sat in on the girls field hockey game against Cornell.  What an exciting game and Princeton won 4-0.  Next a stop to watch the Lady Tigers soccer game until half time and then head home.  A great day out in the beautiful autumn sunshine.
Check out this picture of a decorated bull statute on a street corner in the quaint town of Pennington.


There are a few others in the area.  Will try t o snap some pictures of them on the next trip up.


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