2016 Block of the Month – Home and Hearth©

As Jacobean Bouquet block of the month comes to a close this month, I am almost ready to launch my newest design for 2016.  Home and Hearth was designed with a lot of input from my Facebook and blog followers.  I thank each and every one of you for participating in Jacobean Bouquet and look forward to seeing pictures of your completed quilt. 
When I asked you all what type of block of the month design you wanted for 2016, I received a lot of wonderful feedback.  With this in mind, I created Home and Hearth.  I also asked for a name for my design and received so many great ideas.  The name I finally chose after much deliberation was submitted by Diane King.  Thank you Diane for this great name.  Please pm on Facebook. 
Home and Hearth will be launched later this month as either a block of the month pattern or you can choose to purchase the entire pattern outright.   Home and Hearth is wool applique but can also be done as a cotton applique design.  I won’t be doing wool kits this year as I am trying to keep my stash at a minimum. 
Here’s a photo of the entire quilt top. 


It is presently out at my long arm quilter.  Jo Kuchera of Block Party Quilts is working her magic as I write this.  I got a sneak peak at the border quilting and it was just drop dead gorgeous.  Go Jo!  How funny is it that my long arm quilter and I have the same name.  Lol
Each month has a building and items added that depict that month.  January has a snowman, February has lots of hearts and my favorite is December’s gingerbread house, large lollipops and gumdrops.




As it gets closer to the end of December I will post additional details for this block of the month.  You will be able to purchase the pattern on my web site’s Online Store.  Visit my website for more details http://www.mollykatquiltdesigns.com


2 thoughts on “2016 Block of the Month – Home and Hearth©

    • Hi Hether, thanks so much for your comment. I am only offering the pattern. You can purchase month pattern for $7.50 which includes postage or the entire pattern for $48. I split postage with you , it’s $5.75 (this is a large pattern with full sheet layouts . Blocks finish at 16″ square). You pay $2.50 and I pick up the balance of $3.25. Thanks so much for your interest. Jo

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