A Red and White Quilt

If you remember from an earlier post  I have a red and white quilt on my bed for Christmas.   Been on a cleaning binge and our weather has been so spring like I decided to wash this quilt for the first time the other day.  I don’t as a general rule rule prewashed my fabrics before using.  Exception are my batiks.   So before under taking this, I bought a box of Color Catchers.   Into the machine went the quilt with Woolite, warm cycle and 4 Color Catcher sheets.  I decided to check the water after it had agitated for a bit.  Yikes,  pink water.  I added 2 more Color Catcher sheets and hoped for the best.  Here’s the final outcome.  



The quilt came out perfect.  Did I forget to mention that with the red polka dot fabric I use Moda snow and a tonal white background.   All the white stayed white.   Color Catchers do work.   Here’s the proof.


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