Paniers de Petite Fleur

Paniers petite de Fleurs month 1Was able to finish the first quarter section of my new design and stitch along for 2016, Paniers de Petite Fleur (Small Flower Baskets).  This is the first quarter section of the quilt top.  There will be three more sections with 3 baskets and a star along with another 3 heart long section.  I’ll be adding some wording to this piece also.  If  you want to join, you will need to go to Facebook and ask to become a member of the Facebook page, Paniers de Petite Fleur.  This will be a five month stitch along.  The pattern will be available as a pdf for those of you who like to receive your pattern instantly or as a paper pattern.  You will need to order the pattern off of my website  This stitch along will begin on February 1st.

I am working with Robin Van Allen of Walnut Valley Woolens who will be offering the month wool kits along with a Genziana thread offer.  I’ve seen what she has picked out to match my first block’s wools (snowdrop) and the wools are just gorgeous.  More details on pricing for the kits in the near future.

The pdf download of the pattern will be available on February 1st.  The cost will be $12.00.  If you want the paper version, it will be $15.00 plus $1.00 postage.

Hope to see you on my new Facebook stitch along page, Paniers de Petite Fleur.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2016.snowdrops.jpg

This is the Snowdrop block before it was stitched down and embroidery added.








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