Next Quarter Section

Yesterday was very productive even though there were errands that needed to be done.  Since I am an early morning person, I was able to get the next quarter section of Paniers de Petite Fleur sewn together.  Here’s the sewn section before adding it to the left part.


I could have spent so much time doing embroidery embellishing on these blocks but decided to keep it simple.  A photo of the two quarter sections sewn together with the heart mid-section block. 


The morning light wasn’t the best to capture the exact color.  The red hearts are a darker barn red and the orange of the daffodil basket is a lighter peach color.
Wools for the next six basket blocks are stacked on my cutting table, templates for July, August and September are done and July is ready to be glue tacked for stitching tonight.  All and all a very productive day. 
For those who want to become part of the Paniers De Petite Fleur Stitch Along that will begin on February 1st, go to Facebook, search for this group and send a request to join.  My friend Robin Van Allen of Walnut Valley Woolens is hard at work putting together wool kits to go along with the blocks.  She is also doing a special Genziana wool thread deal available only to members of the group. 
This will be a fun project  to work on during the cold winter days right into spring.  Come join us!
While you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to ask to join the Wool and Cotton Applique group.  I have been working with some very special designers to have more fun projects made available only to group members.


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