Paniers de Petite Fleur Section Three

Today I was able to prepare the third quarter section (month 3) of Paniers de Petite Fleur.  The basket blocks include the Lily, Daisy and Thistle along with the star block and the mid section hearts block.  Looking at all the baskets I’ve done so far  I am having a hearttime picking out my favorite.  Right now I am leaning towards the Lily basket with the different shades of orange and other fall colors.


Tonight I will busily and happily stitching away.  Tomorrow’s work plan is to get the fourth and last quarter section blocks ready for stitching.  May change my favorite block to something else once those are ready.
Robin of Walnut Valley Woolens has been super busy getting wool kits and coordinating Genziana wool threads.  The wools and the threads are all gorgeous and a delight to sew.  Checkout Robin’s business Facebook page, Walnut Valley Woolens.

Still time to sign up for this stitch along.  Ask to join Facebook group Paniers de Petite Fleur.


3 thoughts on “Paniers de Petite Fleur Section Three

  1. This is a really cute design and I’d like to make it… it is possible to join without “doing” Facebook? I’ve never gotten on FB. Too much time needed for designing applique quilts and sewing, etc.

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