Almost There

Happy Sunday morning.  It’s a rainy, windy day here but that’s okay as it perfect to continue work on the last section of basket blocks and the mid section of Paniers de Petite Fleur.  Early in the day I was able to get all the piecescut out for the last three flower basket blocks; Coneflower, Sunflower and Poinsettia.


As work progressed during the day, the mid section of the quilt was laid out with paper letters.  I use paper to figure the spacing and lay out of the lettering.  I wanted to be certain that the size of the letters worked before I cut them from wool.  The mid section has the phrase, “Earth Laughs In Flowers”.   Perfect I thought for a quilt that focuses on so many different types of flowers.


Templates for the phrase were copied onto freezer paper, pressed onto a gorgeous olive green wool and ready to be glue tacked to the background. Each side of the phrase will have a little bit of additional applique to fill in the space.
Some of you have asked the size of the quilt.  Before adding a 4 inch outer border it measures 40″x50″.  I always like adding a “finishing” outer border to complete my quilts.  What I mean by “finishing” is that there aren’t a lot if seams on the outer edges.  I personally feel that by adding a small width outer border it strengthens your quilt top and helps in keeping it square.  My opinion, some may disagree but that’s okay. 
Since all the blocks are going together quickly the top should be completed by next week.   Will be anxious to get this over to my long arm quilter to let her work her magic.
The pattern for this will be a five month stitch along on Facebook. Each month’s PDF download will be available for purchase on my website,  To join the Facebook page, search groups for Paniers de Petite Fleur and ask to join.
I having been working with Robin Van Allen of Walnut Valley Woolens.  She is putting together wool kits for each month.  Robin is also offering a cooridinating wool thread collection for this.  You will need to sign up at her business Facebook page (Walnut Valley Woolens) to purchase the wool kits and wool thread.
Hope to see you over at Panier de Petite Fleur.  The fun starts February 1st!


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