Snow Day

First big snow event this winter and it’s a big one.  Started snowing last night with the winds howling across the fields.  Not my favorite type of snow;  this is wet and heavy as this is a nor’easter.  We’ve shoveled out our 200 foot driveway back to the garage doors.  Wasn’t too bad out there as the temperature is hovering around 32 degrees.  It’s early afternoon and it is still snowing pretty hard and the winds are still howling. 


Picture is from the family room looking out towards the street.  The snow is so pretty to watch come down.



Across the back yard.  Starting to get deep.  Really hard to tell how much has fallen because of all the wind blown drifts but I would guess maybe 12 inches with still more coming down.


Birds are at the feeders enjoying the suet. 
Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the huge snow drifts  across the back of the property.  Haven’t seen these kind of drifts in a few years.  Some look 4- 5 foot high. Amazing.


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