Four More Blocks of the 1857 Album Quilt

I downloaded this month’s freebie blocks for the 1857 Album Quilt from Sentimental Stitches.  Gay Bomers is recreating this vintage beauty and offering 3 to 4 free blocks each month. 
I made a red and green Baltimore Album quilt a couple of years ago and still have loads of fabric pieces left over from that quilt that I can now put to good use in this quilt.  Here’s a photo of the next four blocks ready for stitching.  The circle block took the most time as I had to make 24 quarter size circle for that particular block.  Photo looks crooked but the circle of circles is round.  Have my stitching ready for a few night’s tv watching.


This is what my circles looked like last night.


Getting them ready to gather around Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles.  How did I make circles before her great notion.

Here’s a photo of last month’s blocks.  Still need to find that perfect read for the orange peels that go in the four corners.  Will dig in the stash for that piece.

Then there’s a new piece I just stitched in wool onto tea dyed muslin. I call it Yankee Doodle Andy. Still need to add a bit of embroidery to the background and then quilt it. Fits perfect in the metal stand. Never too early to get a jump on the summer holiday designs. They will be here before you blink.image

In between cutting and prepping I’ve been cooking up a storm. Tonight’s menu: appetizer of bar-b-que baby back ribs. I dry rubbed these early in the day and they are slow cooking as I type. The house smells awesome. Then there’s turkey meat loaf baking in the oven along with a cauliflower souffle with sauerkraut and fresh steamed green beans. All topped off with a large glass of homemade red wine. If there’s room for dessert we’ll have some fresh honeydew melon with blueberries. There will be plenty of leftovers for tomorrow so no cooking then. Will try to take a couple of pictures before we dive into dinner and post them tomorrow.


One thought on “Four More Blocks of the 1857 Album Quilt

  1. Love the fabrics you’re using for the 1857 Album Quilt. I haven’t started mine yet. Your dinner sounds delish! I’m having homemade chicken potpies.

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