Starting Spring Cleaning

The weather has been on and off warm.   When this happens I start thinking “spring”.  These warm days make want to put away the winter decorations and quilts and bring out the bright and light colors of Springtime.

I pulled out my stack of stored quilts and started going through the huge pile of completed quilts.  Near the very bottom was an early quilt; made somewhere around 2004.  It was an old-fashioned butterfly quilt with appliqued blocks and 9-Patch blocks in different shades of purple.  The butterflies were fused and a button hole stitch in black secured the edges of applique.  The 9-patch block  is made with white and the border floral print.    I don’t work with purple often and I must have made this as one of my attempts to work outside of my color comfort zone.

butterflies close up

9 Patch Butterflies

Close up of the quilt top:

butterflies close up

Every year a group that works to preserve one of beautiful rivers and its flora and fauna do an event called the “Chili Bowl”.   The organization asks local artists to donate artwork for their auction that is held at the event.  This year I decided that this “butterfly” quilt should go to a new home and be enjoyed instead of sitting folded in a closet.    So I packed up the quilt and dropped it off at the offices of Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River (  The Chili Bowl and the auction are being held on April 9th.  Tickets for the event are available on their website.  Always a fun event with a huge variety of delicious chili types to feast on along with homemade desserts.  Yum!

So if you happen to live in the South Jersey area, this is a great event to attend.  There are a lot of wonderful artist-made donations that you can bid on and support one of the beautiful rivers in New Jersey and its habitat.



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