Newest Design for A Great Cause

I have been busy sketching and working out the details for a new design, The Plight of the Monarchs.  The monarch butterfly population has been in decline due to many environmental issues.  I love seeing these beautiful butterflies stop by my gardens in late summer.  As time has gone by, I was seeing less and less each year.

Some of you may be familiar with a group called Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River.  They do such phenomenal work to protect the birds and all that surrounds the Maurice River watershed.    Each year they sponsor an event called the Chili Bowl.   Many of the local artists donate artwork to be auctioned during this event.   For the past couple of years I have donated a piece of my work to be auctioned off during this event.  One year was my interpetation of the Swamp Pink, an endangered species of plant that lives in the wet areas along the river.  This year I donated a lap quilt of appliqued butterflies.  When I dropped off the quilt, the ladies in the office suggested that I create something in relation to the declining population of the Monarch butterfly and the Milkweed Plant. The Milkweed Plant plays a major role in the survival of the Monarch.  Not sure why the Milkweed Plant population has been in decline but it is a factor in the loss of the Monarch.

So after a couple of weeks of sketches different elements of my design, here is my design.  I will have this enlarged to fit a 24″x36″ sheet and begin the process of making this into a wall hanging.

Plight of the Monarch

The colored butterfly at the bottom is just my color key for the quilt top.

For those of you who garden and love nature, take some time out and find out what you can do to help the Monarchs.  Remember, once they are gone, they are gone.





2 thoughts on “Newest Design for A Great Cause

  1. My sister and brother in law raise monarchs in memory of their 15 year old son who tragically passed in 2006. Would you by chance have a pattern for your sketch above? Or possibly be able to lead me in the direction where I could purchase one? One year they raised and released 600 monarchs. As of late, theyve been diappointed in the decline of milkweed, causing the decline in the monarch population. Thank you.

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