Bountiful’s Finish

This past week I was able to finish work on Bountiful.  The rick rack has been sewn on and embroidery “x” stitches added.  The last element of the rick rack border was the tiny seed beads I added for “sparkle”.   Each of the 300 plus beads were individual sewn on and now it is ready to head to my long armer.  Here are some close up photos of the quilt top.  The Bottom is before any stitching was done on the tongue border.  The top three photos are close ups of the grapes, the left side and the right side of the quilt. The large, full shot is the completed top with all embellishments completed.   Writing up the pattern this weekend and it should be available on my website for purchase next week.  Enjoy!

Bountiful full shot

Bountiful borders


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