Looking through the patterns I have designed in the past year I found a few that I feel are appropriate for this time of year and in light of the horrific terror attack on our soil.   My interpretations are  of patriotic  designs in small blocks, pillows and a couple of  wall hanging of different size.   To me they represent all the sacrifices made by my parents to come to this country and raise a family and to the hundreds of thousands who over the years have fought to keep me safe.   My parents were immigrants who after World War II chose to leave their homeland and come to the greatest country in the world.  They were seeking a  better life for themselves and for the family they would eventually have. Their dream was realized.  They worked hard, bought a home, raised a family and were able to pursue their dream of a better life.  For that and many other things I am forever grateful to my mother and father .  Enjoy my collage of a few  patriotic designs.


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