Amazing Day Lilies

Day lilies are one of my favorite summer time flowers.  They are so carefree to grow and produce such a prolific display of color mid-summer.  I really can’t get enough of them.  When we first moved into my parents’ house, I added a lily bed on the one side of the house along the driveway and another at the back of house along the pathway to the workshop and sheds.  These all came out of my parents’ beds from other parts of the property.  The yellow and red lilies were my dad’s favorites.  The amazing part about the yellow lily is the size of the flower when it blooms.  I have measured the blossoms on some of the stems and they are almost 8 inches across.  Truly amazing.  The dark, paprika red with a green throat are a personal favorite of mine.  I love the look of the chartreuse color in the center of the bloom.

I also have a fondness for Asiatic lilies.  I replanted yellow ones from my gardens to the new flower beds here.   I love the way they continuously bloom for multiple weeks and are wonderful in cut flower bouquets.

Have moved more lilies from the old house to here.  A lot of what has been moved are the ordinary day lilies you see along the roadsides everywhere this time of the year.  I put in a whole line across the back with a couple of transplanted rhododendrons and my mini daffodils.  Next Spring should be a blaze of color across the back property.

I also have one Tuberose that was moved from the old property.  This poor thing suffered when it was originally transplanted but survived and this year has multiple flower stems ready to bloom.  So beautiful.  Can’t wait for them to open up.

Enjoy the color show of daylies.  They won’t be blooming much longer.


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