Bountiful’s Finish

Bountiful is now “officially” completed.  It has its binding and hanging sleeve and I am getting ready to attach the label.  Wooohooo.  This top has been a labor of love.  My favorite season is autumn.  Bountiful was designed with this in mind.  The half barrel filled with fall flowers, pumpkin and grapes all under the watchful eye of Mr. Redwing Blackbird.

Bountiful is not a large piece, only 41″x54″ but I enjoyed stitching every piece of wool applique on it and adding the embroidery stitches and beads to the pieces.  To me working on an original design is a journey.  This quilt has its own journey that I will remember each and every time I look at it.   The final step after the label is getting it photographed.  I will do this later today when the sun is not so blistering hot and I can get good natural light.

The machine quilting on it is incredible.  The outer green border is cross-hatched; 1/2″ wide crosses.  Yikes, it is small but beautiful.  Here’s a few photos of the completed top prior to me adding the binding.

Now that it is completed it is time to move on to my next new projects.  One is for the wonderful people at Rainbow Gallery Threads.  They provide me with all the gorgeous textural threads you see me use in my projects.  It is my way of saying “thank you” for all your support.   Yesterday morning I also finished the last two sections of this quilt.  Here’s a couple of photos of those parts.

Rainbow Dahlia now has its two borders and is ready to layer and hand quilt.  It’s a small piece measuring 19″x26″.  It is bright and bold and showcases Rainbow Gallery’s threads so beautifully on the dark charcoal background.  Hope to have this done in a week and get it sent out to its new home in California.

The finish of my different projects makes me a little melancholy.  When you spend so much time working out the details of a design and thinking  about what to do next, it becomes a part of you.  As each piece gets finished there is always the next design to fill the void.  I always enjoy the journey designing patterns affords me.  This is what keeps me creating.  So, after a little break today, I will start my next journey.



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