Changing Things Around

It’s been a while since I have posted to my blog.  Time just seems to slip away so quickly each day without me getting on my laptop to write.  So after some thought I will be doing one weekly post chronicling my activities and stitching for the week.  I plan to do this Sunday evening beginning next weekend.

To fill in until next Sunday here are a couple of the little flower pieces I have been working on this past weekend.  The passion flower and hollyhocks are flowers that grew in my parents flower gardens.  I remember the tall dark red hollyhock flowers against the barn when I was young.   The purple passion flower was something that covered the back part of my dad’s orchard.   The vines bloomed with such lovely purple flowers.    There will be a total of 3o different flowers that remind me of my parents and their love of gardening.


That’s it for today.  My week will be full of stitching and creating.  Hope yours is as well.



4 thoughts on “Changing Things Around

  1. Hi Jo, I truly love your embroidery on wool style, especially this new project. Therefore I want to receive your blog to my email. Where do I go to sign up??

    Thanks, Cheryl Cogswell

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