About Me

Why I began quilting…
As a self-taught quilter I began quilting in 2003. My very first attempt making a quilt was my interpretation of one I saw in a catalog. I thought, “I can make that” and so my quilting journey began.
I have always loved fabric. Quilting has given me the opportunity to express myself through my creations. I suffer from what I call being “pattern challenged.” Because of this, I found myself creating my own pattern designs and making my quilts from my designs.
During my quilting journey I have been fortunate to have friends who have had a profound impact on my design concepts, especially my use of color. Because of this I have become fearless in my choice of color combinations and dimension in my quilts. I want everyone who sees my quilts to say, “I can do that” and be as excited about the quilting process as they are about their final product. As I start each new quilt, it’s all about the journey each new quilt presents; from choosing the design,coordinating, cutting and sewing the fabrics together,it’s all an expression of my passion to create. I feel the process of making a quilt should give you as much enjoyment as the finished quilt. Don’t worry if you have an “oops or two”, it’s okay; these are the things that make it your quilt. If you had fun making the quilt,that’s all that matters. Quilting is an expression of your inner self so “quilt on fearlessly.”


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