Morning Call Mini

I find that I enjoy decorating with roosters, chickens and rabbits.  Don’t really know why other than I live in the country and when I was growing up we had all these critters.  Nostalgia, maybe.  This weekend I finished the pattern for Morning Call also known as Bertram Banty.  He reminds me of the banty roosters we had in the chicken pen.  So colorful and proud when strutting around the hens.

Morning Call is a wool applique pattern done on homespun.  It’s the perfect size to fit a table top stand or it can be made into a pillow.  The pattern and a limited number of kits are available in the Online Store on my website,  I have mine displayed on my sunporch on my chicken cabinet with a bunny and bird close by.    I love living in the country.


Autumn Sharon is Traveling

Earlier this week I shared photos of Autumn Sharon and the fact that it is going to be in the Fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  What I didn’t share then was the fact that it was 1 of 22 quilts accepted to be exhibited in the Primitive Quilts Exhibit at Fall Market in Houston.  I was excited that my design was accepted by Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine and just  beside myself thrilled that it is going to be exhibited at Fall Market.

Before Autumn Sharon was boxed up for travels to Houston I took some additional photos so that I could share the embellishing and quilting on the piece.  Here’s a long shot and then close ups of different sections of the quilt.  The phenomenal quilting done on this was by Jo Kuchera of Block City Quilts.  I know my quilt tops are a challenge to custom quilt because of all my embellishing but she has out done herself in the motifs chosen for the quilt.  The edge has what she called “matchsticks”.  These are just tiny lines of quilting and then little pebbles.  Amazing.

The magazine issue will be out later this month.  Enjoy!


Looking through the patterns I have designed in the past year I found a few that I feel are appropriate for this time of year and in light of the horrific terror attack on our soil.   My interpretations are  of patriotic  designs in small blocks, pillows and a couple of  wall hanging of different size.   To me they represent all the sacrifices made by my parents to come to this country and raise a family and to the hundreds of thousands who over the years have fought to keep me safe.   My parents were immigrants who after World War II chose to leave their homeland and come to the greatest country in the world.  They were seeking a  better life for themselves and for the family they would eventually have. Their dream was realized.  They worked hard, bought a home, raised a family and were able to pursue their dream of a better life.  For that and many other things I am forever grateful to my mother and father .  Enjoy my collage of a few  patriotic designs.

Wonky Birds

Between yesterday and this morning I was able to finish big stitch quilting on a small piece I designed last year.  Wonky Birds is a wool applique pattern with decorative embroidery stitches and beads added.  This particular piece was done on wool; something I don’t normally do but I had this left over piece of gray wool suiting and decided to use it.  I chose to do big stitch quilting on the piece to add more texture and folksy character to the square.  I mixed a variety of different thicknesses of perle as well as multiple colors.  This morning I stitched on the binding and just need to sew it down.  One less unfinished project on the pile of many.20160612_111256

Bountiful’s Finish

This past week I was able to finish work on Bountiful.  The rick rack has been sewn on and embroidery “x” stitches added.  The last element of the rick rack border was the tiny seed beads I added for “sparkle”.   Each of the 300 plus beads were individual sewn on and now it is ready to head to my long armer.  Here are some close up photos of the quilt top.  The Bottom is before any stitching was done on the tongue border.  The top three photos are close ups of the grapes, the left side and the right side of the quilt. The large, full shot is the completed top with all embellishments completed.   Writing up the pattern this weekend and it should be available on my website for purchase next week.  Enjoy!

Bountiful full shot

Bountiful borders

Bountiful’s Borders

This week in between outside yard work and the raindrops that let me work on my designs without guilt I was able to get the borders worked out for Bountiful.  The tongues and circles are tacked in place and ready for stitching.  Rick rack has arrived in the mail and now all I have to do is sit and stitch.  I can hardly wait to get this finished and off to my long arm quilter so that she can work her magic.  Bountiful borders