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A Day Out and About

So about every two weeks or so or when the summer weather isn’t blistering hot we will take a day trip up to the Princeton area.  Such a pretty town with the university and its gorgeous buildings and  landscaping that the university does.

Yesterday was one of those days.  We started out early and as usual got stuck in the traffic north.  I seriously can’t envision myself having to make that drive every morning to go to work.  No wonder most look so miserable; I would be too if I had to drive that commute everyday.  We finally made our way through and picked up the NJ Turnpike north.  It was an easy-peasy ride to Exit 7.

First stop, why of course, Mastori’s for breakfast.  If you have never been and are traveling in the area, this is definitely a place to eat.  Huge omelettes, delicious crispy home fries and the best sweet breads with a choice of cinnamon or cheese, warmed.  YUM.  I can tell you that after eating a slice of sweet bread, the crispiest of the homefries and my omelette; I was stuffed.

After breakfast we headed over the river to Morrisville to a wonderful produce store where I found huge cherries, Canadian blueberries and all sorts of nut/dried fruit blends.  They also carried imported chocolates.  Had to have some of those too.  Also purchased some imported Acacia honey imported from Poland.  It looks like liquid amber.  Can’t wait to taste it.  I remember my dad talking about the Acacia tree and the honey they used have from the bees when he was a child in Poland.

Next stop  was Pennington Quilt Works.  I was looking for a backing for Seasonal Bouquets but instead found this gorgeous floral/bird print from Blackbird Designs.  It definitely deserves the front and not the back of a quilt.  I plan to use it as a border fabric.  Now, to find other soft, coordinating colors and make blocks for the center.20160804_192731

This is so pretty and soft looking.   Background is a caramel color with greens and muted reds/pinks.

I love red.  Any opportunity that I may have I will add to my red fat quarter stash.  This piece piqued my interest.  I can see it as flower petals in a needleturn block.  20160804_192744-1

The last purchase was the window template for 1″ honeycombs.  I love to do EPP  when I have a chance and want to try some fussy cutting of some of the pieces.  Don’t know when I will get to that but winter will give me a chance to play more.  (no yard/garden work to tend to)

The final stop was for some homemade ice cream at CJ Sweets in Princeton.  We don’t eat sweets often so when we do, I want artisan made ice cream.  This was the first time we ever stopped at CJ Sweets and it did not disappoint.  Hubbie always gets chocolate with nuts.   Me, I venture off a little and get mint chip and chocolate.  You could taste the deep, rich cocoa in the chocolate and it was not overly sweet.  The mint chip was minty but not overpowering.  It had tons of fresh shaved chocolate chips in the mix too.  The consistency was smooth, rich, creamy and delicious.  This will be a stop again before summer is over.

So today, recharged and full of ideas I am headed to my studio to finish writing the pattern for Puffy Stuffy-Autumn’s Arrival and the last two blocks of Seasonal Bouquets.  Lots on the plate to get accomplished.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer weekend.  Hope you all get some stitching in too!

Wonky Birds

Between yesterday and this morning I was able to finish big stitch quilting on a small piece I designed last year.  Wonky Birds is a wool applique pattern with decorative embroidery stitches and beads added.  This particular piece was done on wool; something I don’t normally do but I had this left over piece of gray wool suiting and decided to use it.  I chose to do big stitch quilting on the piece to add more texture and folksy character to the square.  I mixed a variety of different thicknesses of perle as well as multiple colors.  This morning I stitched on the binding and just need to sew it down.  One less unfinished project on the pile of many.20160612_111256

Snow Day

First big snow event this winter and it’s a big one.  Started snowing last night with the winds howling across the fields.  Not my favorite type of snow;  this is wet and heavy as this is a nor’easter.  We’ve shoveled out our 200 foot driveway back to the garage doors.  Wasn’t too bad out there as the temperature is hovering around 32 degrees.  It’s early afternoon and it is still snowing pretty hard and the winds are still howling. 


Picture is from the family room looking out towards the street.  The snow is so pretty to watch come down.



Across the back yard.  Starting to get deep.  Really hard to tell how much has fallen because of all the wind blown drifts but I would guess maybe 12 inches with still more coming down.


Birds are at the feeders enjoying the suet. 
Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the huge snow drifts  across the back of the property.  Haven’t seen these kind of drifts in a few years.  Some look 4- 5 foot high. Amazing.

Home and Hearth is Back Home

Was able to pick up my 2016 Block of the Month design Home and Hearth today.  Just in time too as it began snowing on our way home.  Now it is steadily coming down.  A perfect day to get the binding made and sewn onto the top.  Again, Jo Kuchera outdid herself with her long arm skills.  I am in love with feathers and she took it up a notch and added them to the block backgrounds as well.  Here’s some photos of the top.  Couldn’t get a whole shot as it is snowing outside.    Maybe in a day or two.  A couple of repairs to do, a loose thread and replace a bead.  Nothing serious for all the obstacles she had to go around on this one.

The Start of Whimsy

Needed a small block to use as a teaching tool so I designed this block.  It has numerous embroidery stitches done in a large variety of threads along with a variety of different beads.  Here’s a picture after whip stitching the wool pieces down.


This one is after the first night of embroidery being added.


Light wasn’t the best when I took the photo.  The colors are closest to the first picture.
Then today I finished the block by adding a variety of different style beads to different pieces.


This is first of a group of blocks that will become a small wall hanging called Life is Full of Whimsy.